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New Year’s Resolutions for My Family

New Year’s Resolutions for My Family

After receiving my happy New Year message from e-family news last week, I was reminded that I had yet to create my list of New Year’s resolutions for 2011 (and review how I did with my resolutions from 2010). So, here goes. These are my previous resolutions (with notes on how I did) and new goals for the new year – many of them, not surprisingly, revolve around my family life.

2010 New Year’s Resolutions: How I Did

1. Serve more veggies. I do serve more vegetables now, though neither child will eat them. I’m going to keep trying and hopefully this will be the year they surprise me and start to like veggies.

2. Eat as a family three nights per week. Check! We do this more often than not for dinner and/or breakfast.

3. Stop feeling guilty about child care. Check! I’m over it. #2 loves child care and thrives there. We’ve also made some good friends.

4. Putting away laundry. Eh, I’m so so on this. My laundry doesn’t stay out quite as long as it used to. However, since my husband’s closet is in Max’s room, his laundry tends to stay out much longer.

5. Toilet training. I’ll have to leave this on my list as we haven’t started yet. I’m starting to feel the pressure since he’s 3 1/2 now, but he’s just not showing the signs he’s ready. By the way, any tips on late bloomers are appreciated.

2011 New Year’s Resolutions: New Goals

1. I resolve not to buy any socks for my boys that do not have the sizes printed on the bottom. It’s a royal pain to try and figure out which socks belong to which boy.

2. I resolve not to buy any brand new clothes, toys or books for my children. We recently consigned all of our baby gear and have a hefty credit at the local consignment shop. I’ve also discovered thrift shops and all of the quirky wonders they offer.

3. I WILL start to compost this year. I received a tumble composter for Christmas!

4. I resolve to plant a garden. It may be a small herb garden or a few tomatoes, but that’s a start.

5. I resolve to get off of my iPhone and pay attention to my children more. There is plenty of time for Facebook once they are in bed.


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