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A Weighty Issue

Two weeks after NewGirl was born, I was already back to my pre-pregnancy weight.Now before those of you struggling with those last five pounds get out your daggers, listen to this. Now, several months later, I am back UP to my peek pregnancy weight — and then some. Admittedly, maintaining a healthy weight has never been my strong suit, but lately I’ve been wondering why I don’t even have a desire to try, and after much self examination, I think I have the answer. I think eating what tastes good and is convenient is the simplest self-indulgence I have. Everything else takes time. It takes time to cook, bake, knit, scrapbook, shop, exercise, get a pedicure, read, go to the movies, and all the other things people like to do for themselves. It takes about 2 seconds to reach for a bag of M&Ms or grab a cookie from the platter in the office kitchen. And the small slice of time I have in the morning and early evening with my daughter between bedtime and work is too precious. I won’t give that up. The same goes for the weekends. So all that remains is the time after NewGirl goes to bed (don’t even talk to me about getting up at 5:00 a.m. for a jog — I admire the women who do, but it will never be my shtick). And in that time, I’m making and eating dinner with NewDad, preparing NewGirl’s bottles and food for “school,” doing laundry, cleaning up, or running to the grocery store or pharmacy for some last minute forgotten item. I know every working mom, especially new moms, face this same dilemma, and yet when I drop NewGirl off and pick her up at the center, it is crystal clear that one way or another, all the other moms have got this weight issue licked. Meanwhile, all I’ve licked is that spoonful of Ben and Jerry’s.

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  1. Anonymous March 13, 2008 at 9:50 am

    I know what you mean! But believe me, it gets easier. The older NewGirl gets, the easier it will be for you to incorporate some exercise into that precious family time. My two toddlers love going for fast walks outside and dancing to loud music in the living room. I’m finding that the older they get, the easier it has been for me to find that time for family exercise!

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