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Below Average and Proud Of It!

Just found out NewGirl’s estimated fetal weight, and she’s slightly below average. It may be the last time I’m proud of her for being “below average,” but if you had to give birth to her, you would be too.

We also found out she’ll be induced a week and a half before her due date (due to some minor pregnancy health issues). I think NewDad’s blood pressure skyrocketed on hearing the news, as he realized that the calendar may overtake his quality-control standards as the prevailing concern as he tries to finish home renovations before NewGirl’s arrival.

I told my boss as well, and I think it may have made reality hit home for him too, and I’m feeling sort of guilty, to be honest. He’s been so supportive and excited for me and wants nothing more for me than to put work out of my mind so I can enjoy our new baby during my leave. But my leave is going to have a big impact on him. He’ll have to be much more involved in my department than normal, and he’s already leveraged to the max.

The members of my team will be impacted a lot as well, but they are excited and up to the challenge, rightfully seeing this as an opportunity to show what they’re capable of — a chance to position themselves for professional growth down the road. There’s no such reward in it for my boss. I suppose that’s why he makes the “big bucks” as they say, but I still feel bad.

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