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Nothing but the Belly

It was just a few short months ago that I would see a glowing beautiful pregnant woman at work and wonder, “How does she think about anything but that perfect round belly and the baby inside all day long? She can’t possible get any work done, and who would blame her? Someone give her a crown just for showing up at the office, for goodness sake!”

Now that woman is me. You can give me the crown, if you’d like — I’ll take it. But truth be told, work has become my refuge from my own pregnancy. It’s the one place I don’t think about being pregnant every hour. It’s the one place I don’t indulge my every whim. The fact that there’s no queen-sized bed and fluffy pillows, no TLC, Game Show Network, or daily reruns of Sex in the City helps, of course. But the fact is, work gives me a purpose and reminds me in just a normal regular way that I have other responsibilities and that while a huge part of my life is about to change, there’s a lot that will still remain the same.

While I’m headed into uncharted territory as a first-time mom, the familiarity and affirmation of a job I know how to do, and do well, may just be the sanity saver I need.

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  1. Anonymous May 23, 2007 at 7:53 am

    Being a fulltime mom with a full time job is the most rewarding feeling for me. It makes me feel even better taking both of my young children to a safe and familiar place each and every morning before my long day at work. It really does sadden me that our beloved center will be closing shortly, but in my search for a center that will meet up to my expectations I think I have found “the one”!
    After many, many tours of many, many centers, my husband and I finally have found one that is very comparable to our current Bright Horizons. It is a brand new center in Sterling Heights on 18 and Hayes. It’s called “The Learning Expereince”. They are warm and friendly and are willing to work with us through our transition from Bright Horizons. They also had a discount for my second child, and 1/2 off their registration fee!! So if any of you mom’s are still looking for a center, I would highly recommend checking out “The Learning Experience”!!
    Just for my curiosity, what other centers have any of you mothers decided to go with??

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