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The Not-So-Terrible Twos – 5 Reasons I’m Loving This Age

The Not-So-Terrible Twos – 5 Reasons I’m Loving This Age

There was the woman at the grocery store who sarcastically smirked: “You’re in for a real treat when he turns two!” …The man at the post office: “Enjoy those cuddles now – the terrible twos are around the corner!” …The sympathetic smile from the grandma on our walk: “Thank god you haven’t hit the terrible twos yet.” …And I can’t leave out the oh-so-cheerful cashier at Target: “Oh, you just wait and see what two will bring!”

Everywhere I turned the comments came from left and right about these so-called “terrible twos” but I can’t be the first to question this silly old adage. Sure, two can be challenging at times; we have our moments of epic meltdowns (because he asked for fruit but it was the wrong fruit, or in the wrong bowl, or on the wrong table, or served with the wrong spoon), but in these moments I find magic. Armed with a sense of humor and a constant drive to find the joy in each challenge, I find myself reveling in the lessons that my son continues to learn. You see:

not so terrible twos

As he covered my dining room walls in yellow crayon, he reminded me that he’s learning that coloring outside the lines is way more fun. 

As he called my name for the millionth time “Mom! Mom? Mommy! Ma-Ma? Maaaaaa!!!” he’s beginning to grasp the importance of self-worth, that your voice matters, and that you deserve to be heard.

As he attempted to climb onto the kitchen island, failed again, and finally succeeded, he’s starting to understand what perseverance is all about. A few bumps to the head, and others saying it can’t (or shouldn’t) be done, hadn’t deterred him from achieving the ultimate goal.

As he flickered the light switch off, then on, then off and on again, he discovered cause and effect – and he comprehends that his actions cause a reaction.

And as he broke down in tears because he couldn’t find his favorite purple shirt, he crawled into my arms and I held him tight. And, as a result, he knows how it feels to be comforted and that it’s not the things we have, but the people we love that matter.

Rather than look at the challenges of this new-found phase, I hope you’ll find me wishing that these “terrible twos” (and the lessons we are learning) don’t fly by too fast.

Marisa Author PhotoI’m a thrill-seeker by day, yet homebody at heart, reveling in quality time spent with my two-year old son and husband of five years. Master of building forts and picking up perfectly-cooked toddler meals that have been thrown on the floor, I strive to find humor and grace in the balancing act of being a working mama and wife.


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