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Ode to the Overtired

This morning, I nodded off to sleep while feeding Liam. That wouldn’t be terribly unusual–I have rested my eyes during many a night feeding over the past few months–except this time I was not home, I was at his childcare center feeding him before dropping him off. Luckily, I don’t think anyone saw me dozing or at least if they did, they had the courtesy not to say anything. When I came to and realized I’d drifted off for a few minutes, I was mortified but sadly not surprised. Lately it seems like each night is a struggle to get some sleep and each day is a struggle to stay awake and alert. Resisting the urge to close my eyes during a long meeting in a warm conference room now feels like a form a torture that should surely be illegal.

I know I’m not alone. I can’t even count the number of working parents, some with children significantly older than Liam, who’ve recently mentioned how overtired they are from being kept up with their children for various reasons. Before having Liam, when parents mentioned being tired I never fully understood just how tired they meant. After all, I thought, I was tired too–I’d been out until almost midnight with friends the night before! Had I known then what I know now I would have skipped the dinner out with friends, headed straight home from work to my bed and savored every last minute of uninterrupted sleep.

So this one goes out to the other working moms who also find themselves overtired and struggling to make it through the day. May both your coffee and your under-eye concealer be strong. Hopefully we’ll all soon be well rested. If not, college is only 18 short years away.


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