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Oh Mama! Sandra Bullock’s Bombshell

Sandra Bullock People CoverOk, so we can all forget that Mom of the Year Award. I’d say Sandra Bullock’s got that one nailed down. If you hadn’t already fallen in love with this girl next door after Speed or Miss Congeniality, and even if you hadn’t opened your heart to her in the wake of Jesse James’s inexplicable and downright nasty extramarital activity, you’ve got to admit this adoptive mama deserves a whole lotta our lovin’ right now. Post-Oscar personal drama aside, how can we not admire a mega-celebrity — one of Hollywood’s top earning female stars — for simply adopting a baby and keeping it personal and quiet for his first and most precious months?  It’s a feat that is unrivaled in this paparazzi-crazed era and so heart-warming for its downright down-to-earthness. And to top it off, Bullock has practically raised her husband’s youngest daughter from a previous marriage and is reportedly extremely close with her two other step-children and had done it all fairly quietly until James’s exploits opened their story to the world.  As moms go, she’s both hot and humble, devoted and determined, and a professional success doing it all seemingly alone. (Ok, so the rewards of celebrity afford her some resources, but they also come with a lot of baggage.)  It was devastating to see Jesse James squander everything that was right in his life and to tromp all over Sandra Bullock’s heart in the process.  But it looks like this is one lady who has her priorities right and a heart full of love for those who will always love her back – her kids.

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