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One Ingredient Ice Cream Recipe

I can hardly call this a “recipe” but I had to share this idea because it’s been such a big hit in our house. A while back I’d seen posts on a bunch of different food blogs about one ingredient ice cream using slightly overripe bananas. It looked good but I highly doubted it could be as smooth and ice cream-y as the bloggers professed. Then a few weeks ago we found ourselves with a few overripe bananas and with no plans to make banana bread in the near future, I decided to try the one ingredient ice cream trick. I cut up the bananas, froze them on a plate and threw them in the food processor. I got nervous because at first it looked crumbly and gross. But after a few more pulses I was left with a smooth soft serve consistency treat. It was delicious right out of the food processor but I liked it even better after I put it back in the freezer and it took on more of a true ice cream consistency.

I’m sharing this little recipe for two reasons:

1.) As I’ve written about, I’m a little concerned about weight creeping on as I wean Liam. I’m also not one to skip ice cream on a  summer night and this little concoction is perfect for taming my dessert/ice cream craving without doing too much damage (although I have been known to throw a few mini chocolate chips on top).

2.) Liam LOVES it. He too is a big ice cream fan (he’s just like his Mama) but I don’t like to give it to him often or very much so this recipe is great for giving both of us a post dinner treat.

Now the only trouble is we’re going through bananas like we’ve got a monkey habitat in our backyard.

Any treats you’ve found that both you and your baby enjoy?

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    Amy August 24, 2012 at 6:43 pm

    Our center made this recipe recently with the Preschoolers and they loved it. I got to try it too and it was hard to believe there were no other ingredients besides banana. I could have sworn there was cream/milk/yogurt in it. It’s a great use for those overripe bananas that always find their way in my fruit basket. I always mean to make banana bread but rarely find the time. Plus, turning on the hot oven in the summer is not so much fun.

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