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Our Favorite Childhood Halloween Costumes

Our Favorite Childhood Halloween Costumes

Happy Halloween! Are your children’s costumes all laid out and ready to go for trick-or-treating tonight? Have you already dipped into that bowl of Halloween candy? (Shhh….we won’t tell!)

Halloween is a holiday that always drums up so many childhood memories. We asked our bloggers about their own favorite Halloween costumes from childhood. Some were even able to share awesome photos from childhood Halloweens.

What was your favorite Halloween costume growing up? Share with us in the comments area below or on the Bright Horizons Facebook page for a chance to win an Amazon gift card.

My Favorite Halloween Costume

Witch Halloween CostumesMary, Organized Mom: My most memorable Halloween costume was the year I dressed up like a bunch of grapes with a clear plastic bag filled with purple balloons. It rained that night and while I stayed pretty dry, my balloons all popped! Here is a lesson that just occurred to me…as parents we take ALL these photos of our kids. We need to prepare for the future and give our kids these photos later in life. The only Halloween photo I own from when I was a child is of the year I was a witch. But, I think I was a pretty cute witch!

Amy, Nourish Mom: Princess Leia! I can’t find a picture of that one right now, but I’ve shared a few of my other favorite Halloween costumes here.

Caty, Blog Editor: One year, I dressed as my own Nana. White wig, glasses, and my best interpretation of a Nana outifit. In retrospect, I really hope she took the final product as a compliment!

Scarecrow Halloween Costume for KidsLisa: My first costume as a witch. Still remember it. The classics are the best.

Heather: My mother had a strict “you are on your own” rule for Halloween. If we couldn’t make it ourselves we didn’t have a costume. I was pretty good at putting something together – a scarecrow, a hobo, a princess. But one year I was a bowl of cornflakes. I glued cornflakes on two round pieces of poster board and wore it like a sandwich sign. Lucky for me, I don’t have any documentation of Halloween that year…

Jessie: My cutest costume ever was when I dressed as a green Crayola crayon. I cried the whole time wearing it, but looking back it was pretty adorable!

From all of us at Bright Horizons, we wish you and your family a very safe and happy Halloween!

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