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#SocialParenting: Our Favorite Mobile and Tablet Apps for Kids

#SocialParenting: Our Favorite Mobile and Tablet Apps for Kids

“My kids (preschooler and first grader) love playing on our family’s iPad, so I’m always looking for new apps to download. I like to choose games for them that have an educational slant whenever possible, and the app store typically has some good options. Does anyone have suggestions for good iPad apps for kids? What’s your child’s favorite?” – MsMacy2, Bright Horizons Online Community Member

In 2014, technology has found a way to integrate itself into most areas of our lives – and the lives of children, too! Is your family always connected to tech? How do you determine how much and what kind of technology is appropriate for your kids? There are so many mobile apps marketed to kids, both education-focused and some just for fun. Today our bloggers are sharing a few of their favorite mobile and tablet apps for kids.

Our Favorite Mobile & Tablet Apps for Kids:

Media Mom: We just got the Samsung Tab 3 kids tablet. It comes with a bumper case, easy-to- use parental controls and also comes pre-loaded with some kids apps. I am personally addicted to Fruit Ninja, and I like the Fireman Sam games for my son. As for my 7-year-old daughter – no great apps yet. Everything she enjoys is complete junk. I just try to limit the screen time to “very infrequently.”

Kris-Ann, Progressive Mom: 1) The Angry Birds franchise. It has actually taught my 4 year old patience and strategy. He got really frustrated when he first started playing, but now understands that if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. 2) Free Fall Spelling 3) Montessori Numbers 4) As toddlers my boys both loved Peekaboo Barn.

Mary, Organized Mom: I like Splash Math. There is a different app for almost every age group and it provides a fun way to practice doing math.

Amy, Nourish Mom: We love Endless Alphabet which is a fun way for kids to learn letter sounds, how to spell, and discover new words. The words are often synonyms for more popular words so it’s a great way for kids of all ages to build vocabulary. And the video snippets are hysterical!

Lisa: Starfall and Reading Rainbow (and LeVar still hosts!)

RuthWe like Toca Boca Hair Salon. It has limited (ok…it has none) educational value, but man is it fun. You wash hair, cut hair, color hair, style hair and then you get to add accessories. Our girls (ages 4 and 8) both love to play with this app. When you are done with your creation you can take a picture of it.

Heather, Commuter Mom: Petting Zoo is a favorite!

What are your family’s favorite kid-friendly apps?



  1. Clarence Simpson June 12, 2014 at 10:07 am

    I’m a Bright Horizons dad and also an app developer, so one of our favorites is one that I actually designed myself for my children. It’s a free educational app for preschoolers called Kiduoso – First Words. Currently available for Android. iOS coming soon.

    It’s designed to teach children their first words in a fun, effective, and fully customizable way. They discover words in a familiar flash card style environment that uses both visual and verbal cues.

  2. Erika Meller June 10, 2015 at 10:37 pm

    My kiddo is a 2-year-old at Bright Horizons and I work for World Book in Chicago. He absolutely loves our animals app – World Book’s World of Animals, available on the ITunes store. The sounds, videos, and pictures have entertained him for hours!

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