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Our Favorite Preschool Projects

Our Favorite Preschool Projects

Preschoolers learn through active investigation, exploration, and discovery. It’s a time of wonder where hands-on projects help young learners hone the skills that will lead to success in school and in life. There are so many creative learning projects happening at Bright Horizons preschool classrooms each and every day.

Today, the Family Room bloggers, many of whom are the parents of current or former preschool students, are sharing their very favorite preschool projects.

Our Favorite Preschool Projects

Media Mom: When my daughter was in a Bright Horizons preschool, the class spent several weeks learning about ancient Egypt. It was incredible. They learned that the Sphynx’s foot was as big as the whole child care center and they learned about the customs of dress, food, animals, etc. It was amazing and totally engaging.

Apple Pie Preschool ProjectHeather: When my daughter was in preschool at Bright Horizons, the preschool class made apple pies. Charlotte did all of the work putting it together and then we got to bake it at home and have it for dessert.

Mary, Organized Mom: I’m a sucker for anything that is “All About Mom” or “All about Dad”. My kids have both done these projects in their preschool classrooms and I love saving those types of children’s projects. Here’s an example of a great preschool keepsake activity for Mother’s Day.

Amy, Nourish Mom: Because the topic is close to my heart, my favorite project is one that my son’s Bright Horizons preschool class is working on now. It’s all about farms, farmer’s markets and the harvest. Using a cross-curriculum approach, the preschoolers have listened to farm-themed books, turned their dramatic play area into a farm stand, and explored texture and senses using farm and food items. One art project focused on building their ability to draw with purpose and use words to verbalize “farm” objects the kids imagined and drew on paper. The plan is to build their own farm which I’m excited to see the results!

Lisa: At my daughter’s Bright Horizons school, children in the preschool classroom imitated famous artists/works of art. They learned all about Eric Carle, Van Gogh, Monet, etc. It was wonderful!

Superperson Preschool ProjectAllison: In her preschool class, my daughter spent time learning about superheroes through a unit called “Super Me”. It didn’t focus on the typical superhero (Spiderman, Batman, etc.) or any of the violence sometimes associated with them. Instead, the learning activities focused on important themes such as problem solving, bravery and compassion. They took regular people and created different scenarios and “super” qualities. To end the lesson, they created their own “super person” using recyclable materials. They were able to give themselves imaginary characteristics, as well as real life qualities. My daughter gave her super person the ability to fly, as well as the ability to make people smile and laugh. When someone was sad, her “super person” was able to come to the rescue!

Kate, Rookie Mom: Liam’s preschool class at Bright Horizons just finished a week-long project on pumpkins. They explored pumpkins from every angle – they measured them, cut into them, examined them with magnifying glasses, painted them, toasted the seeds. What started as a cute fall project, turned into something that was part art, math, science and cooking. Most importantly, Liam loved it and insisted on getting pumpkins at home so he could tell us about them. I’m always amazed at how his teachers can infuse so much learning into one topic!

What’s your child’s favorite project done while in preschool? What’s yours? Share in the comments area below.

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