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Parent Humor: 10 Times I Said Sorry When I Shouldn’t Have

Parent Humor: 10 Times I Said Sorry When I Shouldn’t Have

“I’m sorry but we’re not going to stand up on our chair during dinner.” Wait! What did I just utter?! Have I really become that parent who apologizes for everything? How could I let this happen? How are my children ever going to learn the power of apologizing when I’m throwing around the “I’m sorry” phrase like you can buy it at the dollar store?

In my defense, I’ve used it many times in the appropriate scenarios – when I make a mistake, jump to conclusions, or lose my cool. I believe it’s important to model saying “I’m sorry” to my kids so they know that it’s human to mess up and that acknowledging it is the best way to make amends.

But this blatant overuse has got to go, like in these scenarios below.

Things Parents Should Not Be Sorry For:

1. “I’m sorry we ran out of milk.” This one makes me chuckle because I buy a gallon and a half of milk every week and I don’t even drink it. Why should I be sorry that the kids overfill their cereal bowls with milk and we run out before my next grocery store trip?

2. “I’m sorry you have no socks.” My kids have plenty of socks but they end up in the playroom, under their beds, and all over the house. It’s my job to do the laundry, not be a sock detective.

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3. “I’m sorry I can’t find that obscure Lego piece from the million you own.” Parents – you feel my pain with this one, right?! Most likely it’ll be found when I step on it or the next time I take the dog out to do his business.

4. “I’m sorry I’d like to shower alone.” So NOT sorry for this.

5. “I’m sorry I don’t want to read that book for the 5th time tonight.” Reading and repetition is great for helping children become readers. I wholeheartedly agree! But I have my limit and more than 2x in one sitting is about all I can handle.

6. “I’m sorry we’re having broccoli for dinner…again.” I find myself doing this one a lot — apologizing for trying to help my kids eat healthy.

7. “I’m sorry you don’t like hamburgers this week and are going ‘to starve’.” Look, I get simply not being in the mood to eat something. But I’m not a mind reader of these seemingly irrational changes in food preferences.

8. “I’m sorry I didn’t start the car and you’re freezing.” My kids will never understand what it’s like to wait at the bus stop for the city bus while wearing a uniform skirt in the dead of winter.

9. “I’m sorry your toast isn’t cut exactly how you want it.” I recently read that working parents are the best multitaskers at work. I’m convinced this is because they are skilled at remembering a million preferences for their children – how they like their blankets at night, how they like their toothpaste squirted on their toothbrush, how they like their socks put on so they’re not “scratching” their toes, etc.

10. “I’m sorry you can’t use my phone to play your game.” Seriously?! When did my expensive phone become a shared family property?

How about you? When have you said you’re sorry when you shouldn’t have?


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