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We’re bring back our Friday Links with a slightly new twist. Every weekend we’ll be here sharing some of favorite links and tips from the week. 

From Progressive Mom: Here are the most popular baby names of 2012. Is your child’s name on the list?

From Organized Mom: Struggling with your child allowing you to brush his teeth?  Try having him practice his vowels.  “A, E, I, O, U” will allow you to brush the front ones and back ones while distracting your child.  He doesn’t need to know his vowels or even what they are or mean, but it will surely make your brushing teeth a little easier and more fun.  And as an added bonus, by the time your child heads off to school, he may just know his vowels.

From Nourish Mom: With all the media and print advertisements during the holiday season I find my daughter (age 6) is in the “I want…I want..I want” mode. So it’s a perfect time to continue teaching her the value of money. My husband led a chores for charity lesson with her this summer. This Give-Save-Live money jars idea I found on Pinterest is an awesome way to reinforce the value of money as well as social responsibility.

From Rookie Mom: We’re still figuring out how to blend our families’ Christmas traditions and add a few new ones to make “our” family traditions. Here are some cute ideas for Christmas Eve traditions.


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