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Top Parenting Trends for 2020

Top Parenting Trends for 2020

If 2019 was the year of scavenger hunt birthday parties, geo modern decor, and lawnmower parenting (yes, we had to look that one up too – and it totally makes sense), 2020 will be the year of eco-friendly everything, kids’ subscription boxes, and screen-time workarounds.

With what seems like the longest (and coldest – at least around here) month coming to a close, we’re diving into the biggest trends we’re predicting we’ll see in the year ahead.

5 Parenting Trends for 2020

Eco-Friendly Everything

There’s no doubt that sustainability is becoming more and more important, and parents are taking the global issue to heart. Thrift store and consignment shopping are more popular now than ever – as is welcoming secondhand styles from family and friends with open arms. That’s not to say that we predict everyone will become a cloth diaper parent (although there’s nothing wrong with that) in the coming year, but environmentally-conscious choices will be at the forefront of a lot of American households.

Subscription Boxes

Just as we adults love our pre-portioned dinner kits and health and beauty boxes, kids love getting their own fun in the mail! With everything from STEM activities to green crafts to geography games, subscription boxes take the guess work out of birthday presents and keep kids excited about learning. They’re a win-win for everyone.

Screen-Free Fun

In today’s world, it can be nearly impossible to avoid screens completely, but learning how to unplug at the right times will mean happier and healthier families. There are lots of ways to encourage screen-free activities that are actually fun and interesting…and won’t break the bank! With everyone’s’ schedules getting busier and busier, 2020 will see a focus on quality time without technology.

Normalizing Anxiety

Stress is at an all-time high – for both adults and children. Whether it’s school, work, or family dynamics – kids and parents alike are struggling to keep the worry at bay. So let’s stop pretending it doesn’t exist and instead talk about how we can manage it. Don’t be surprised to see 2020 bring on more honest conversations around anxiety and mental health. And that leads us into our last trend…


It seems so silly that something as basic as taking care of yourself needs to be deliberately prioritized, but alas, here we are. Parents are focusing more on the self-care rituals that make them happier people – and in turn are modeling that behavior for their kids. Whether that means exercise, making time for friends, or 10 minutes of daily meditation to start the day – we’re here for it. After all, happier parents mean happier kids.

What are some of the parenting trends you’re seeing in the new year? Or, on the flipside, are there any you’re hoping to leave behind in 2019?

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