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Parenting: When Honesty is Not the Best Policy

Parenting: When Honesty is Not the Best Policy

Honesty is a big deal to me and it’s something I’ve tried very hard to instill in my children. However, I think my husband and I may have slacked a bit on child #2 because while our daughter never even bends the truth, our son has the makings of a little con artist. I can hardly blame him. I try so hard to impart the virtues of honesty in large part because I was sort of a lying, stealing, cheat as a kid myself. He can’t help it. It’s genetic. But I’m trying my best to get ahead of it.

Innocent Lies That Parents Tell Their Kids

Four-year-old boy on playgroundThe truth is, despite how much I value honesty in my kids, there are a few less-than-honest things I do to my kids to make my own life easier as a mom. Innocent things like…

I tell my son the sign on the door at his school says “no loud toys allowed.” It really says “no soliciting.”

Or, I tell him commercials are pretend stories.

Santa, of course is real – as are the threats that he won’t come if the kids misbehave.

Well, I’m not alone. I found this fantastic list of 20 Somewhat Horrible Things I Do to My Kids That I in No Way Feel Guilty About. If you don’t personally identify with at least 10 things on the list, you may be headed for sainthood – or you should get your head examined. Just saying.

Do you have anything you’d personally add to the list?


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