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Parents Say the Darndest Things

This morning while eating breakfast Liam pointed and asked for my coffee cup. My husband, trying to explain why he couldn’t have it told him, “coffee is only for humans.” Hmm, does that make Liam an alien or a house pet? I poked fun but have had my own trip-ups with language lately. The other day at Liam’s Bright Horizons center Liam was hiding behind my legs and then popping out to give a group of preschool girls his best coy smile. One of the girls asked me what he was doing to which I replied, “oh, he’s just flirting.” Of course, she then asked what flirting was and I realized that my choice of words may not have been the most appropriate given my audience.

All of a sudden our words seem to be more important than ever and it’s an adjustment. It’s amazing just how big those little ears can be and that even seemingly innocent conversation can become problematic with an impressionable audience. Liam has already started to mimic things we say and I know it’s only a matter of time before that gets into trouble.

Anyone else have funny stories of things they’ve said that got them into trouble with their kids?


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