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Parents: What’s Your Favorite Holiday Tradition?

Parents: What’s Your Favorite Holiday Tradition?

The holidays are a memorable time of year for all – young and old – but when you become a parent, the season can take on an entirely new, special meaning. How have you experienced the holidays differently since becoming a parent? Do you have family traditions that you started once you had children of your own?

We asked some of our Family Room bloggers to share favorite holiday traditions that they started since becoming parents and they have some great ones! Be sure to share your own with us.

Family on Christmas Night

My Favorite Holiday Tradition Since Becoming A Parent

Amy, Nourish Mom: Making Christmas cookies! They usually are piled high with sugar and not at all Pinterest-worthy but it’s a fun and delicious time with my children. Here’s a recipe for Gingerbread Kids that we make.

Kris-Ann, Progressive Mom: All Christmas music, all the time right after Thanksgiving. My boys love the music as much as I do.

Media Mom: I’m not sure why, but in a move that is completely out of character for me, I get all geeky and giddy about buying and dressing my children in coordinating holiday pajamas for Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. And all in all, I really like all the small Christmas traditions, like baking cookies for Santa and hanging (and stuffing) the stockings. I didn’t grow up celebrating Christmas, so I get to enjoy these things like a kid too.

Kate, Rookie Mom: It’s not an official tradition but each year we’ve given Liam a Santa hat right after Thanksgiving which he then has proceeded to wear a good amount of the time for the month of December. I love seeing him walking around the house in his little red hat!

Mary, Organized Mom: We love doing holiday scavenger hunts set up by Eddie, our Elf on the Shelf!

Lisa: Taking my daughter to The Nutcracker. This was always one of my most favorite memories as a child – and I wanted to continue to share the magic of the music and performance with her!

Ruth: On Christmas Eve, we pile wrapped grab bag gifts, similar to stocking stuffers, on the living room floor and we all gather around. The youngest family member chooses a gift and then we continue in age order. Once you open your gift you can try to make a trade with someone if they have something you really want. The deals get pretty creative and cause lots of laughs.


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