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Peaceful Parenting on Busy Days: A New Podcast Episode

Peaceful Parenting on Busy Days: A New Podcast Episode

Oh that morning routine. If it goes smoothly, you feel like an overachieving machine, just executing and checking off the to-do list to perfection: breakfast, made. Lunches, made. Backpacks, packed. Children, dressed and fed. Teeth brushed. Moods, happy. Off and running to school, to work, to the start of the day. With five minutes to spare.

Ha, that’s a good one! Let’s be honest here. For me, I’m usually the used car version of the above, trying to constantly adjust my own sleep schedule and still figure out just how much earlier I need to wake up in the morning to make sure we all get out the door in time, and if I can do it without breaking anything, including spirits. And of course, the morning rush is when things seem to constantly and undoubtedly go awry (see Edamame for Breakfast).

Enter this objective: Peaceful Parenting. Keeping your cool seems downright impossible at times, especially in those moments where you have the perfect storm of spilled coffee on your shirt, you’re running late, and a child needs a change of clothes. But what I loved about our guest Jennifer Gillette’s take on all this is, it’s possible to achieve what she calls Peaceful Parenting if YOU put yourself in the position to succeed.

The most important takeaway from her advice on our podcast is, make sure you self-regulate and control your own emotions (whether it be stress, or anger) first before “correcting” your child. And feed the meter – build in that extra time in the morning to have just the few minutes of non-pressurized time (cuddle, read a book, just chill). And she says that will go a long way into making that machine keep working the way you really want it to.

So, what’s ultimate goal here? OK, maybe it’s to not be late to school, and not be late to work. But it’s probably just as important – if not more important – for you to be happy with your kids and for your kids to be happy with you…to achieve, well, a peaceful life.

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I’m Naoko, graduate of the two-under-two club and producer of The Work-Life Equation podcast series. I’m constantly searching for the perfect balance point between work, life, parenting, friendships, and playing sports. I’m not a good sleeper, never was, and now will NEVER BE but I’m so in love with my incredibly fierce duo!


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