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Phone Numbers

In light of the Great East Coast Earthquake of 2011, my husband and I were talking about emergency procedures. I was quizzing my 4-year-old son on his name, address, etc., but paused when I got to the phone number. Back in the day, kids had one phone number to learn. Now, there are so many choices– home phone number (if they even have one), mom’s cell phone, dad’s cell phone, work phone numbers, etc.  We questioned which phone number is most important for our child to learn.

We both agreed that in an emergency, we’d want our children to know my husband’s cell phone number since he always has it and is most likely to answer.  I, for some reason, never hear mine.  Which phone number do you want your children to learn?

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  1. Commuter Mom August 24, 2011 at 11:14 am

    I have been thinking about the same thing as we get our daughter ready for Kindergarten. Since she’s riding the bus, I want her to know a phone number just in case there’s an issue. We decided on my cell phone number for the same reasons. I’m also planning to make an emergency contact card for her that we can tuck into a pocket in her backpack.

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