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Pinterest Wins for Working Parents

Pinterest Wins for Working Parents

Today’s post was written by Emily Saunderson, a Bright Horizons employee and mom to two daughters:

I read recently that 42 percent of mothers say they sometimes suffer from Pinterest stress. And while Pinterest is the single best source for Mason jar projects and 100 ways your child can turn a paper plate into heirloom crafts, it can also leave you feeling as though you are not enough. Not crafty or creative enough. Not trendy or cool enough. Not spending enough time with you child, your spouse, yourself.

I believe though, that the site can also be a working mom’s savior if used for the right things. Here are some of the ways Pinterest has made my life easier.



If you’ve never heard this word before, it may be your new favorite. Printables are pre-made, often beautiful and/or creative executions of things you need but don’t have the time, skill or energy to create. Isn’t it great that there are people who do have those things and post them on Pinterest for us to use for free?

  • Valentine’s Day Cards for when you leave this to-do to the last minute. Do you have a Star Wars or Harry Potter fan? These are the ones Fiona gave out in 1st Grade: “Owl always be your friend.” We printed them the night before she needed to bring them in.
  • Chore charts: I don’t have time to make one myself, but I can print and use one!
  • “I’m BORED” printout – this is hanging on our refrigerator. It is great for school-aged children who love to use this phrase.
  • Family Calendars: I will be honest, I found this while writing this post – I’m not this organized…but someone is and they created this to help us all!
  • What’s for Dinner?: How many times are you asked this?



If you have a theme in mind, someone on Pinterest has already thought of it and posted everything you’ll need to execute! For her 8th birthday, Fiona wanted to have a tie-dye party. Great! I did a quick search, dismissed these kinds of shenanigans, figured out what I needed and even used the suggested links to order all the preparations! Oh, and those printables I mentioned above? They have them for birthday invitations too!

While the bulk of what is on Pinterest for birthday cake decoration will make you tear your hair out (didn’t we all go to pastry school?), there are simple solutions too! I use this trick every year to rave reviews.


At the end of the day, we want quick, delicious and nutritious meals for our families. Pinterest is full of overwhelming recipes with beautiful photography. It is also FULL of dinner ideas that take less than 30 minutes and often use only a handful of ingredients. Search terms like “quick & easy dinner,” “easy dinner kids love” and “30 minute meals for families.” Accept that it may not look like the picture and enjoy your dinner.


Let’s be honest, there are some great easy craft ideas on Pinterest that are perfect for that cold, rainy weekend day when you’ve used up your existing bag of tricks. Here are a few of my favorites:

Heart Garland – We made these for Valentine’s Day this year.

Cotton Ball Cloud and Rainbow – Fiona made a design like this when she was 4 and it’s still hanging in her room.

Paper Crowns – a great “use what you’ve got in the house” activity.

Homemade Playdough – So simple, always a hit and lasts for a really long time. Also making homemade playdough makes me feel like I’m really excelling in the mom department. “Yeah, I make my own playdough. Nailed it! ”

So all you fellow working moms out there – don’t let Pinterest make you feel as though you aren’t enough. Use it to show how awesome you are!

Editor’s Note: Intrigued by any of Emily’s picks above? You can find a round-up of them all here.

Paper Plate Rainbow photo courtesy of a Little Pinch of Perfect and Starburst Star Valentine’s courtesy of It’s Always Autumn.

EmilyAbout Emily: I am many things to many people, but my favorite role of all, is as mom to my two girls, ages 8.5 and 3. I have pendulum swung between being a work-aholic mom and a stay-at-home mom and am currently trying to find the right balance of both worlds one day at a time. I’m pretty good at not sweating the small stuff and use the quote “Be silly. Be honest. Be kind.” from Ralph Waldo Emerson to guide me through life.



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