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Pirate and Mermaid Themed Children’s Birthday Party

Pirate and Mermaid Themed Children’s Birthday Party

Argh Mateys! My son recently turned 5 and this year his birthday party was a Pirate and Mermaids theme.

I love planning themed birthday parties (a few of my past birthday party themes include: Artist party, Super hero party, Movie party, Toy Story party) and wish I had all the time and money in the world to plan my kids’ birthday parties because I always find the final result really rewarding. But, I do the best I can with the resources I have. This time that included the help of Pinterest, Etsy, my computer and printer. Oh, and of course my kitchen!

We had two parties for my son held on the same weekend. Party number one was for 37 people, all family. We (literally) kicked off the morning with a fundraising kickball tournament followed by soccer and softball games for the kids before hosting the family at our house for dinner. Sunday was a Pirate and Mermaid pool party for my son and 16 of his classmates.

Pirate themed birthday party

Hosting a Pirate and Mermaid Themed Birthday Party

Pirate ship birthday cakeThe Cake. I found this pirate ship cake idea on Pinterest. Cutting the cake correctly was the key to making this fairly easy pirate ship creation. Let’s just say the first time I followed the template on Pinterest, I ended up with a jigsaw puzzle cake that I struggled to put together. On my second attempt, I used some common sense and was able to make the cake with six pieces from two 10” round cakes (the first time it was about 15 pieces from two 10” round cakes).

The Pirate Ship Fruit Bowl. I found an image of a pirate ship fruit bowl idea online – minus the instructions. Adding to the pressure was the fact that this was one of a few things I decided to make the day of the party. Hollowing out the watermelon took the longest because I was trying to be fancy and use a melon baller. Note: DON’T use a melon baller – it takes so much time and creates a HUGE mess! By the time I got to the cantaloupe, I ditched the melon baller and just cut cubes – much more efficient.

Pirate ship fruit bowl

The Favors. When it comes to parties, the favors are always the hardest part for me. I don’t like to give a ton of candy, nor do I like to spend money on toys that parents secretly want to pitch immediately. This year I found prepackaged beach pails with shovels and sand toys (mesh bag included) for the very reasonable price of $2.99. I completed them with “Shark Bait”, “Pirate or Mermaid Treasure” and “Canonballs” candy. Kids age 8 and under got these while kids over 8 just received the candy. I found the candy reasonably priced at Target and iParty and made the labels for it on my computer.

Pirate birthday party favors

Birthday party pinataThe Piñata. Yes, the piñata gets its own category and here is why. I started having a piñata at the kids’ parties early – it’s always a huge hit. Last year, when I pulled the plug on the piñata (after a child dented the wall in our new basement), I got tons of complaints – from kids and parents. So I brought it back this year and moved the bat swinging to the garage. Seeing as it was a pirate-themed party, I found a fabulous pirate head which doubled as a centerpiece. Well worth it just for the decorative factor! (And to watch my husband’s reaction when he saw the piñata’s return.)

The Decorations Pirates are in at the moment so it was super easy to find themed table cloths, plates, cups and of course pirate patches, which made for super cute photos. I also didn’t have to make the banner this year. Wow, what a difference buying a cute banner for $3.99 vs. making it!

What would I have liked to do if I had more time? I would have loved to bury treasure and provide maps to find the treasure. I would have liked to set-up a 1 x 4 plank over a couple logs. I also would have love to come up with some thematic pirate punches.

As usual, it was fun to plan another birthday party, but I am thrilled to have it behind me (my husband is probably even more thrilled!). My kids were super excited too, which is really the whole reason for doing it in the first place. I love how they give me good reasons to get a little creative.

Happy 5th birthday, bud! Love you tons!

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