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Planning Baby’s First Birthday Party

Planning Baby’s First Birthday Party

My first year as a mom is winding down and we’re approaching Zoe’s first birthday (sniff, sniff). Growing up, my mom always made a big deal out of our birthdays. We would wake up to the kitchen table being decorated with streamers and party hats and she would purposely place all of our presents and cards from family on the table so we would have to look at them all. day. long. before opening them. I swear it was some sort of torture, especially when there were BIG boxes. My mom would make us our favorite dinner that night and always obliged to Carvel ice cream cake for dessert, which was our favorite (despite the fact that it was her least favorite).

I hope I can make birthday mornings just has fun for Zoe as she grows up. She seems to be memorized by balloons lately, so I think I will start a tradition of placing a balloon in her room on the morning of her birthday, one balloon for each year. I then hope to carry on family traditions, like decorating the kitchen table. I might not start displaying presents until she is much older though! Among all these thoughts about how to celebrate year one, I’ve also started planning the Zoe’s birthday party. What an undertaking…

Planning a First Birthday Party

Baby's first birthday partyFirst, you have to decide on the list of invites. Who do you invite? Just family? Do you include extended family? Does that open the door to inviting family friends? Once you decide on the list of people that you should invite, you have to think about food…a lot of food. After I started brainstorming what food options we would have, I revised my initial guest list so that it wasn’t quite as large as our wedding.

Next, the “internet blogs” tell you that you must have a birthday party theme. Zoe doesn’t watch TV yet and doesn’t really have a favorite stuffed animal or toy of some sort. I panicked at first but then came back to reality and figured that a “theme” per say, is not really required for a 1-year-old’s party. Our new house has a pool so I decided that a pool party/ocean theme might fit the bill. I scoured Pinterest, which I have a love/hate relationship with, and got a few good ideas…but perhaps walked away with even more questions!

Experienced birthday party hosts – please help! Do I need to get goodie bags for the children coming? Are cupcakes really easier than cake? Do I need to plan party games? Should I have music? What are the necessary things I should plan for as we approach the pivotal first birthday party?

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  1. Helen Holden August 21, 2014 at 3:50 am

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