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Potty Training Nightmares

Potty Training Nightmares

Clearly I crapped all over a lot of people in a previous life (ok, actually, maybe it was my 20’s) and now it’s coming back to haunt me. Because I feel like my life is overcome by pee and poop. If you’ve followed my blog in the past, you know about my potty training saga with my daughter. Now my son has decided to get in the game.I know that at 3, he’s entitled to learn how to use the toilet. And intellectually I accept that it is a process. But does this process really have to include poop in the bathtub, poop smeared on the toilet seat, and poop as the ultimate bedtime procrastination technique?

This week the potty stuff has really been testing my mettle. My husband has a project that is keeping him past the kids’ bedtime nearly every day this week, so I am putting them both to bed. I understand that this should not be the biggest challenge in the world for a parent of two. But it just isn’t our routine. Our kids share the same bedtime, but we put them to bed separately. My husband puts one to sleep, while I do the other. Both get books and snuggle time before we turn off the lights and say goodnight.

Recently, my son has been stretching out his snuggle time longer and longer, and this week, after finally getting him to bed, somewhere between five minutes and an hour later he pops out of his crib to announce he needs to go to the bathroom, and he has actually pooped in the potty every time. “That’s great!” you may say. Well, it’s not so great when it means that it’s fast approaching 10:00 p.m. and my 3-year-old is on the potty while my 7-year-old is understandably grumpy and annoyed because her bedtime routine has now been interrupted by her brother for the third time that night (and for three nights in a row).

I know this is not the stuff that real life challenges are made of, but I just feel like I can’t turn around without having to change someone’s diaper, wipe someone’s rear, find a fresh pair of undies, or clean up after someone’s accident. Kids are wonderful, but do they really have to come with so much sh*t? Some weeks are just harder than others.


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    Mary March 26, 2014 at 10:52 pm

    It’s been while since we’ve been in the potty training stages and I didn’t encounter the challenges you’re facing but I have faced the “trying to be a parent to 2 kids at the same time, but in different rooms dilemma”. Especially during story time. My daughter is supposed to read for 15-minutes each night… not be read to, so that adds to the battle. What I’ve done is I’ll read to her during bath time, a treat, but in return she has to read to herself before bedtime so I can read to her brother. Sometimes I suggest she reads to her brother but even when I suggest that, she breaks down and just decides to read on her own. Then when my husband is back home, she gets me for the 1st night for story time.

    Good luck with the potty train! It will get better soon.

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