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Predicting Autism Early

My pediatrician has been administering this survey for at least the past two years without any fanfare. I not only have to fill it out for my older daughter, but I even have to fill it out with every visit for my newborn son. You wouldn’t even know it was to help predict autism unless you know a fair amount about autism.  Most children with autism spectrum disorders aren’t diagnosed until age 5, but the impact of therapies that begin before age 2 and continue through the toddler and preschool years, or beyond, can be life-changing. There is no way to catch up on these interventions if they aren’t begun in these critical years of early development.  If your pediatrician doesn’t give you this survey to fill out at every well visit, ask why, and advocate for its introduction. It could change the life of your child or another child in the practice.

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