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Pregnant Olympian Give a Whole New Perspective to Working Mom

When I was pregnant at work, I struggled with a number of burning problems: how to dress appropriately without obliterating my newly aching feet; how to ignore my visibly moving belly while in serious one-on-one meetings with my boss; how to stay awake past 3:00 pm. Frequent trips to the lady’s room, dealing with morning sickness, and the sheer exhaustion of growing a baby are some of the biggest struggles working expectant moms face. But Nur Suryani Mohamed Taibi puts us all to shame. The 29-year-old Malaysian shooter is only the fourth woman to compete in the Olympics while pregnant. A Canadian curler served as an alternate while 5 1/2 months pregnant in 2010, and a German skeleton racer and Swedish figure skater both competed in their first trimesters in the 2006 and 1920 games respectively. But Taibi takes the cake. She will be a full 8 months pregnant when she competes in London. In fact, on her doctor’s advice, she will have to skip the closing ceremonies because it won’t be safe for her to travel at that time. While her belly will preclude her from participating in the 50 meter rifle competition in which shooters assume a prone position, she will be giving it her all in the 10 meter event. Here’s hoping she goes home with the gold, giving the rest of us inspiration to suck it up and tough it out.

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