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3 Things to Prepare for When Transitioning to the Toddler Classroom

3 Things to Prepare for When Transitioning to the Toddler Classroom

So the day arrived when our son was finally ready to move on up and out of his infant classroom. At first, this was really exciting news, as it was a big step for him developmentally. The teachers in his classroom carefully helped us plan the move, taking into consideration his physical development and what was safest for him. Then the transition visits began… and new emotions hit me like never before. Here are the three biggest changes that threw me for a loop in the beginning.

The Nerves

I did not expect to be so nervous about moving classes. Thank goodness there were transition visits — they helped not only him, but me too! I loved that these visits allowed him to be in the new classroom on certain days for an hour or two before he was there full-time. What I did not expect, was that these transition visits would hit me so hard. I kept thinking that for the first time, he would be the littlest one in a new space, and I was feeling guilty that I could not ease any of his nerves. I wanted to make it better if he was ever sad, which I was told would probably be inevitable. What was super helpful, though, was the reassurance from his teachers that all of these emotions (both his and mine) were totally normal, and they gave me thorough updates and great advice leading up to the big transition day too. I thought dropping him off for the first time in the infant classroom would be the toughest, but I did not realize this feeling could continue as he gets older!

Lunch and Outdoor Play Prep

All of a sudden, our nighttime prep for the next day changed dramatically! We went from packing just extra clothes, bottles, diapers, and snacks to a totally new routine. Outdoor play meant snow pants and boots (translation: we had to go shopping)! For lunch time we now needed a lunchbox with ice packs. There was something about a one-year-old with a lunchbox that made me feel like we were sending him off to college.

Goodbye daytime crib!

In the toddler classroom, naptime would be on a mat, and so for the first time, my son would not be in a crib or pack and play like he had been up until this point. I have to say, I wasn’t sure how this would go. What I was shocked (and happy) to hear, was that it went really well! I guess playing with a bunch of kids who are older than you can make you tired. It was a huge relief to know that naptime went well and that he apparently does not need a crib any longer during the day. My fears of a wandering, fatigued one-year-old in the middle of the day were totally unnecessary, as this little kiddo adapted much more easily than I did!

While I was surprised by the unexpected emotions that came with changing classrooms, I’m so happy knowing that my little one was well-prepared for the transition. And I am closer to finally mastering the art of packing for the playground, too!

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