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Preschool Science Experiments: Water Bottles

Preschool Science Experiments: Water Bottles

I love to see what new preschool science experiments are going on in my daughter’s preschool classroom at Bright Horizons.

Today, there were eight or nine water bottles around the edge of the water table, each filled with blue water. The middle of the water table was filled with yellow water. The water bottles looked like regular bottles with the lids screwed on, but my daughter told me they were faucets. She picked up one of the water bottles, loosened the top and water started to stream out of the bottom, just like a watering can. As she loosened them (or she got one “started” and let me unscrew the lid the rest of the way), we counted how many holes there were by watching the water as it flowed into the center of the water table. The water was fast or slow depending on how loose the cap was. Unfortunately, I had to go to work, so I didn’t get to see the yellow water turn green as more and more “faucets” were turned on.

We made this one at home to add to our bath toys…minus the color. Should be fun!

Science Experiment for Kids in Preschool


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