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3,2,1 Blast Off! – Preschoolers Learn About Space

3,2,1 Blast Off! – Preschoolers Learn About Space

The preschoolers from the Child Care Booz Allen Hamilton Family Center learned about our solar system, astronauts, and even made their very own planets!

The students were asked by their teacher what they wanted to learn about next – the children chose space! To kick off their learning, the students were taught about the different planets in our solar system and what astronauts do. The lesson was launched with a Science Rocks experiment where the children, with the help of their teachers, molded their own planets out of dough and baking soda. Afterwards, the students used food coloring to color their planets. The planets they created were all different and unique, just like our solar system!

After they created their planets, the children pretended to be astronauts in the Dramatic Play area. They had fun pretending to make food, use computers, and walk around without gravity.

Next stop… Mars!

Preschool Space Activity

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