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Real Simple Challenge: Part 3

OK, so because of the way we blog around here, you’ll be reading about this challenge in January if I don’t just wrap this up so I’m grouping weeks two and three and then I’ll close out the challenge with a summary.

Week Two

We were a little disappointed with week two after loving week one so much.  It was definitely not as great — not terrible either — but we did need some modifications. Overall, I gave week two, a B-.  Here’s the low-down.

  • The shrimp curry was untouchable to the kids.  I can’t get them to eat shrimp unless it’s fried.  They will, however, eat steamers – go figure. Must be the butter.
  • The lamb meatballs with couscous were good but we used regular ground beef because I couldn’t find ground lamb at my store, which was kind of a bummer because I wanted to try it.  AND, my kids love Israeli couscous so I made a change.  In my opinion, this is a good variation on doing spaghetti and meatballs. We’ll do this again for sure.
  • The currant glazed chicken was very tasty.  The kids won’t touch spinach when it’s not in something so we subbed green beans for them.
  • The tacos were just OK.  They were easy but I probably wouldn’t make them again.  I don’t know why.  They just didn’t do it for me as a stand alone dinner and adding something would have required too many moving pieces and ingredients. This might actually be better as a salad – serve it over lettuce and break up the tacos.  And my kids said they liked regular tacos better.  Good ol’ El Paso.
  • The raviolis with brussel sprouts and bacon will be in regular rotation.  Everyone loved them.  My husband and my kids really like brussel sprouts (and bacon) so that helped.  Ha ha.

Week Three

If we were grading on a curve here, week three would have improved week two’s scores.  The menus in week three were just not good at all for the kids and even the dishes that the grown-ups liked, we didn’t like them enough that we would make them again as an adult’s only meal.  So because really only one meal was a home run, I had to give week three a D.

  • The first three meals: the chicken paprikash, the shrimp on toasts and asian beef were not great for us.  We didn’t make the shrimp on toasts because it just didn’t appeal to us (the grown-ups).  And the other two meals were pushed away by the kids. No way, no how.
  • The strata was actually really tasty and my kids liked it a lot but my kids love white mushrooms so I should mention that and that’s what I used.  You could leave them out, though.
  • The pork was good but none of us are lentil fans so we actually made this with risotto and peas on the side.  Good glaze, though.

Next up, the wrap up.

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