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Release Yourself From the Guilt of Not Buying in Bulk

On a recent day in my house, I happened to realize how ubiquitous plastic wipes containers are in my organization system (and I use the term organization lightly). They primarily end up holding craft/art supplies or small homeless objects but I decided to look around a bit to see exactly where I had them and I realized they are my go-to storage container. How did I live without them before children? What will I do when my youngest is potty-trained? So not chic, but free!But I have also used them for a few things other than storage so I thought I would throw those in the list. So for those of you who look at those wipes containers and think, jeez, I feel like I could use this to hold something something, here are 20 ways I do (and have in the past).

    1. To hold my daughter’s hair clips/ponytail holders.
    2. To hold Barbie clothes.
    3. As a self-assembled first aid kit for my trunk.
    4. As a container for puzzles whose boxes have collapsed. Tip: cut two small pieces of the original box and tape one to the top and one to the front so it’s identifiable.
    5. As a home for boxless crayons. (This container lives in my road trip/restaurant/overnight bag so we can color whenever we want to.)
    6. As a makeshift piggy bank. (Tip: If you take off the top lid, that inner lid acts just like the money slot on a piggy bank. When first implementing an allowance system, you can create spend/save/donate containers. )
    7. As a container for paint when painting the trim in my house.
    8. To hold nail polish bottles and mani/pedi supplies so they all stay in one place.
    9. In the craft closet – for embroidery thread, for acrylic paint, for beading supplies,
      for wooden beads that I bought for a project and never used them, for glue sticks,
      for barrettes waiting for ribbon to be attached, for random tools I needed but have
      no place to keep.

  1. As a container for countless types of screws/nails/tools.
  2. To hold the “fourth C batteries” we never need.
  3. To hold batteries waiting to be recycled.
  4. To hold seasonal utensils – corn on the cob holders and seafood crackers.
  5. As a container for decks of cards.
  6. As a container for homeless sidewalk chalk (does anyone else go to parties where they give a couple of pieces of chalk in the goody bag?)
  7. As a coupon holder (this happens every New Year when I make a resolution to cut coupons.)
  8. To hold cookie cutters
  9. As a container for vegetable/flower seeds we didn’t use.
  10. As a way to pack food for a road trip. It makes a great way to hold lunches with cold drinks and snacks! (Obviously everything should be self-contained within the wipes box). It keeps things from getting soggy and squished, and they stack nicely in a cooler.
  11. To hold plastic utensils leftover from various parties.

Does anyone else have these all over their house?

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  1. Anonymous July 16, 2009 at 10:53 am

    Yes, I do and I love them.

    Wow you have surely covered everything – great ideas!

    Here are a couple more.

    I leave a box on the counter by the phone w/ post-its, note pads, and pens.

    They are also handy to keep sunblock, insect repellant, etc.

  2. Green Mom July 17, 2009 at 7:44 am

    Great ideas. You can also turn an empty wipes container and caps from milk cartons into a piggy bank type game for children that need a bit of help w/their fine motor skills. They can practice opening and closing the lid, and putting the caps in the slot.

    Any ideas for empty formula cans?

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