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Rocking Earth Day: Part I

As you may have seen over on the Bright Horizons Facebook page, our Rocking Earth Day photo contest is going on through the end of the week. Each of the mom bloggers participated and we hope you will too! Below are a two of the mom’s projects. We’ll be back with the others on Wednesday.

Nourish Mom Rocks Support for Local Farms

I get a bit stressed when I’m presented with craft challenges. I don’t know if it’s because my mom and brother are so artistic (never could keep up) or the fact that I torture myself on Pinterest. So when the Rocking Earth Day challenge was announced I was a wee bit anxious about getting it done. I actually stewed on ideas for a couple of weeks feeling a bit uncreative. Then the farm idea hit me! It tied so perfectly with what’s important to me – supporting local farms. And it would give Olivia a lot of options for her rock. She went with the cow – a mighty fine cow if you ask me. The whole project ended up being fun. Even more fun is seeing how others decorated their rocks!


Media Mom Rocks “Girl Time”

My daughter wasn’t willing to contribute any of the beautiful rocks from her enormous beach collection to this project. So the whole family scoured our property to find any rocks of a decent size to create art. My son tried to eat or throw every rock he tried out, so he was redirected away from the Rockin’ Earth Day project, but us girls had a fab time connecting with nature on the first really springy day of the year.

Submit your own Rocking Earth Day creations here.

One comment

  1. Commuter Mom April 23, 2012 at 7:01 pm

    For two moms who claim to be very “un-crafty”, you came up with some great rocks!

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