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Rocking Earth Day: Part II

On Monday we shared what Media Mom and Nourish Mom did with their children for the Rocking Earth Day Contest and today we’re back with what the other moms did. Don’t forget to submit your own project by Sunday on the Rocking Earth Day App.

Progressive Mom Rocks Recyclables

My boys and I looked for rocks then went through our recyclables to find things to decorate them with. Here are their respective creations!




Organized Mom’s Rock Star

My daughter went to a “Rock Star” birthday and came home with this creation. Definitely a rock star!








Rookie Mom’s Rock is All Washed Up

Craft projects with babies are tough. This one was particularly challenging because rocks and babies who like to chew/throw everything within reach don’t mix well. So I decided our best option was to do some “water finger painting” on a rock large enough that it couldn’t be picked up. Liam actually seemed to enjoy seeing the marks his wet fingers were making on the rock until about 3 seconds after this picture was taken when he dumped the bucket of water all over himself. Definitely a rookie mom moment!




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