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School Readiness: Transitioning from Bright Horizons to Kindergarten

School Readiness: Transitioning from Bright Horizons to Kindergarten

Berenstein Bears Gone Fishin' children's bookHe fished some more.

They were the most beautiful four words I heard all week. I heard them come from my 5-year-old Kindergartner’s mouth as we read The Berenstain Bears Gone Fishin’. It was the first full sentence he’d ever read. For months, I’d pick out words and he’d sound them out or recognize them as sight words. “Up” was the first word he ever learned. However, actually reading a sentence with no pause? This was reason for cheers. And cheer I did. Remember that feeling when your baby first pulled himself up or took her first steps? This was right up there with one of the proud parenting moments.

Transitioning from Bright Horizons to Kindergarten

When Will graduated from Bright Horizons Kindergarten Prep back in June, I knew he was ready for school. Having been exposed to Bright Horizons curriculum elements like Handwriting Without Tears, Everyday Math and a Smart Board, I figured he’d be well-prepared for the start of Kindergarten. Academic preparedness aside, he’d also been in a school setting since he was 4 months old. He knew how to act appropriately in a classroom environment, was used to taking turns, raising his hand and lining up. He knew how to zipper his jacket and set out his lunch. At Bright Horizons he had been exposed to many years of working in a small group as well as working together as a class. I was most concerned about Will having to adjust to a shorter day, shorter recess and a much shorter lunch. But academically, he was ready!

We’re just past the 100 day mark in Kindergarten (which is often a very celebrated day!) and things are going great. Will made friends easily, his teachers enjoy having him in class, and he really likes learning and coming home to tell us all about his exciting day. We’ve had a few parent-teacher meetings and, as expected, he is learning at a great pace. What’s amazing at this point in the year is watching it all come together for Will. Like seeing him read a sentence from the book the other night. Or last night as we got ready to walk upstairs when Will said “3 + 2 =5”. All on his own without any prompting. We happened to be working on a science project with his sister last night that involved five pennies. On his own, he was capable of breaking down the five pennies into that equation.

Kindergarten schoolwork

After some early struggles, Will is now writing his name out in the correct order. He has some trouble with certain elements of his speech, but with some gentle reminders he can say say “THank you” instead of “Fank you” (although truth be told, “Fank you” is one of my most favorite phrases at the moment!). Learning is a journey and I’m so glad his caring Kindergarten teacher has been able to pick up where his Bright Horizons teachers left off.

Kindergarten STEM science project

It’s pretty amazing to watch things suddenly “click” at different points of the learning process and it’s times like these when I am most thankful for the academic foundation he received while at Bright Horizons. And I’m also thankful for all the knowledge and development that is now happening in Kindergarten to continue to foster a love for learning. I intend to cherish these moments.

Have you witnessed any of those “aha” learning moments with your kids recently?

School Readiness Bright Horizons WebinarEditor’s Note: School readiness is so much more than knowing colors, shapes, and ABCs. Watch our recent parent webinar: School Readiness: Beyond the Basics. Bright Horizons education experts discuss how early classroom experiences shape your child, build confidence, provide skills for school success and how you can extend this learning at home.



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