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School’s Out For Summer: Surviving End-of-Year Commitments

School’s Out For Summer: Surviving End-of-Year Commitments

The last week of school always brings on mixed emotions. I’m thrilled for my kids. They get a break from the routine, space from the 22 kids/friends they spend 6+ hours a day with in the same four walls and they also get to step away from school work. Teachers also get a much needed break from the kids, one another and school administration. A chance to unwind and refresh. The summer schedule is upon us and life is about to get much easier at our house! No more fighting to do homework, no more running around from one activity to the next. No more strict bedtimes and definitely a couple of vacations to look forward to.

Surviving the Last Week of School Chaos

But last week… The dreaded last week of school – ugh! It’s always a parenting nightmare. Non-stop end-of-year commitments, events, celebrations and activities. Monday was a Kindergarten picnic with my son and his class to celebrate the end of the year. Tuesday, well that was supposed to be Field Day for my daughter (which I volunteered to help at) but late on Monday we found out via email that it was postponed until Thursday due to the weather. Tuesday was also my son’s last day of Kindergarten while my second grader is in school until Friday. Do you see a slight problem with the volunteering commitment I made for Field Day now that it’s been postponed? Throw in a second grade end-of-year BBQ, a few other events – all on top of normal, everyday commitments – and you can see why we were going crazy.

With all the juggling of schedules and events, throw in the fact that my husband started a new job mid week – a wonderful career move but happening at a time when life is already uncertain enough. As a working parent, I had a bit of anxiety leading up to the week. Who would watch the kids when? Who would get each child to what event? And which parent would be the one to represent us at every event? My husband thankfully negotiated his start date so he had Monday and Tuesday off. He could easily attend the end-of-year picnic (I on the other hand, squeezed in the 30 minute event in between conference calls and ultimately had to bail early). As for Tuesday, he had originally arranged to be one of the volunteers for Field Day but with the postponement of the event to Thursday (his second day on the new job), well….cue the tears from a very sad 8-year-old girl. I know we weren’t the only working parent family to have this challenge.

Elementary school field day activities

But, it’s just the way it is. So as parents, we breath deep and breath deep again. We will get through this, we will do as much as we possibly can to make this moment a happy memory. We will try to be in the moment and enjoy it. This school year will soon officially be over and summer will be upon us.

How do other working parents make it through the insanity? I know I take a deep breath and enjoy the ride!


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