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Screen Free Week Pledge for Parents

Screen Free Week Pledge for Parents

“Can you take my photo, post it on Instagram, and see how many likes I get?” My 7 year-old daughter had just lost a front tooth and was excited to share it with the world. Wait, what?! I quickly explained that not everything in life needs to be documented online as I took her photo and posted it. Out of the mouths of babes comes an eye-opening lesson about the impacts of parents’ screen time and social media interactions on our children.

I’m fairly diligent about setting my children’s screen time limits. But what about me, the parent? As much as I try to be fully present for my kids, I frequently check in on my smart phone, computer or tablet while they’re playing, during car rides, etc. I know my actions have influence on my kids but I didn’t realize how much, until this conversation happened.

So with Screen Free Week coming up on May 5-11, I’m putting together my pledge.

Mother and daughter outside

Screen Free Week Pledge for Parents

  •  I will shut off my computer when work is done and keep it off. This one is going to be tough. There are a couple of nights I typically work to meet time-sensitive deadlines. To succeed with this one, I’ll block time on my calendar (something I rarely do) to complete these tasks during regular work hours.
  • I will put my phone, tablet & computer away at night and spend quality uninterrupted time with my kids before and after dinner. Now that the weather is nicer, this is the perfect opportunity to restart nightly family walks around the neighborhood or discover new outdoor activities.
  • I will read a real page-turning book instead of using my Kindle. In reality, my e-reader is a positive influence in my world. Where once I rarely found time to get to the library or a book store, now I read more due to the convenience of downloading books in an instance. There are many times, however, that I get sidetracked on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter on my way to reading. So I will give it up this week to avoid temptation.
  • I will forgo watching shows or movies on TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Go and instead find another activity to decompress from my day. I’d like to think I will do something productive like make my kids’ lunches at night rather than in the morning or take up yoga. But I’ll settle for simply going to sleep before midnight.

This is going to be a tough week but I’m looking forward to the challenge. Will you join me in your own Screen Free Week Pledge?

Editor’s NoteIn honor of Screen Free Week (May 5-11), Bright Horizons is  giving away a gift pack full of board games! To enter, simply comment on this photo on Facebook with one adjustment you’ll make during Screen Free Week, and then share it with your friends! Ends this Friday, May 2.

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  1. Hillary Bode May 1, 2014 at 11:55 am

    What a great opportunity to have the support of other parents trying to make a more enriched life for their families! This is the kick start to do what I’ve known we’ve needed for far too long! Now I can put into action some of those great kid projects I’ve been pinning on Pinterest for months 😉

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