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Second Baby Necessities: Infant Products to Buy for Baby #2

Second Baby Necessities: Infant Products to Buy for Baby #2

One of the nice things about getting ready for baby #2 is knowing that, for the most part, we already have most of the baby products we need. We’re just starting to really get things cleaned, set up and ready to go and make sure we’ve checked everything off the baby to-do list. Of course, there are lots of little things that needed to be replaced or updated (for example, old burp clothes were discarded after Liam “the volcano” was done with them) but there are a few bigger things that also made our list this time around. Some are things made necessary since this is our second and others are things I wished I had the first time around and knew I’d want this time. Here are the necessities we’re adding to our second baby list.

Big brother hugging pregnant belly

Baby Products to Buy for a Second Child

A stroller solution

Depending on the age of your children, the answer to this may vary. We explored the idea of a double stroller, but Liam really hasn’t used a stroller in a long time so it seemed crazy. Nonetheless, we are a big walking family so having some kind of spot for Liam to rest when he gets tired felt important. We opted for a stroller board to give Liam a perch when he wants it. I also love that it fits on our existing stroller (which we loved the first time around) and can be added when we need it.

A better/ travel-friendly bassinet

With Liam it had never really occurred to me that he wouldn’t sleep in his crib right away or at least within a week or two in. To my surprise, when he arrived I found it was so much easier for us and for him to sleep in the same room that he ended up sleeping in the pack and play in our room for months. This time around we vowed to find a better bassinet that was both smaller than a pack and play but also travel-friendly (between vacations, family visits and weddings we have several trips within the first few months of the baby’s life). We settled on the Chico Lullago. I can’t speak to how we’ll like it once it’s in use but the set-up was a breeze (way easier than a pack and play) and it folds down really well.

A good sling/baby carrier

When we had Liam, I think we received three different types of baby carriers. I can count on one hand the number of times we used them collectively. I never really liked them and they never really seemed to serve a purpose (between the stroller and holding the baby, we were more or less covered). I’ve been told that babywearing becomes almost a necessity with the second, giving you free hands to do something with or for your first child so I explored options to find a carrier I thought I would actually like and use. I ended up with the Rockin’ Baby sling which I’ve heard good things about. One of my big frustrations with other carriers was that they were either way too complicated to configure and/or really bulky and uncomfortable. I’ve only done tests with teddy bears (Liam thinks it’s hilarious to test baby products with his stuffed animals), but it seems both simpler and more comfortable than the ones I already had.

Presents for big brother and the baby to exchange 

My earliest childhood memory was going to the hospital to meet my baby sister. She “bought” me a present – new outfits for my favorite doll – and I instantly knew I liked her. We’ve picked up a few little things for the baby to “give” to Liam when they meet including a car from Cars he’s been coveting and I know he will be thrilled to receive. We also took Liam on a special trip to pick out a present for him to give the baby. After much debating (no, I don’t think the baby would like that Hot Wheels set), he settled on sweet little lovie blanket which he can’t wait to give his new sibling. Neither gift is big or fancy, but I think both the giving and receiving will help create that instant bond I know I had with my sister.

Things to keep us on the move

From beach tents to picnic blankets to bug nets and even things like nursing infinity scarves and easy to grab diaper changing packs, I’m making sure we’ve got everything we need to make getting out of the house as easy as possible. Leaving the house can feel so daunting with a newborn, but I know it’s both a necessity with Liam around and something that makes everyone feel better (I definitely had days where it felt like the walls were closing in on me during my last maternity leave and just getting out of the house was enough to restore sanity). Having seasonally-appropriate things ready to go makes it so much easier.

What did you purchase to prepare for a second baby? Anything I’m missing?


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  1. Media Mom June 19, 2015 at 1:49 pm

    I bought a bigger purse and a smaller diaper bag! Essentially I found that the more I could streamline, the better. With my first baby, I felt I really needed that diaper bag that could fit several bottles a dozen diapers and multiple outfit changes, along with who knows what else. With baby #2, I was much less-stressed, and was more easily able to wing-it and improvise. I found that a zip-lock baggie with a couple of diapers, a few wipes and a small tube of diaper cream that I could easily through into my purse was a lot better that a huge bag just for baby. For my first baby shower, someone had given us a Skip-Hop Pronto changing pad that fit just a couple diapers and wipes. I never used it with baby #1, but I used it a TON with baby #2.

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