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September 11th: Twelve Years Later

September 11th: Twelve Years Later

The memory of 9/11 hangs thick like fog today, the way I suppose it always will each September 11th for those of us who lived it. I remember a lot of things about that day. The utter shock, the panic, the concern for friends and family in New York. Immediately once I heard the news, I wanted to be home. I wanted to be with my family, my people, where I knew I was safe and sound and loved. At a time when nothing made sense, that made sense.

Today, we honor what was the lost that day. We remember how profoundly changed we were as a result. Today, I’m also thankful for what has remained unchanged. Twelve years, many homes, a wedding, a baby and a lot of life later, nothing has changed about the way I feel about home and the people I share it with. It is still the place I retreat, where I know I’m safe and sound and loved.

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