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Showing and Selling Your House (with a Baby!)

Showing and Selling Your House (with a Baby!)

It’s official! We have outgrown our condo and it’s on the market. Our realtor came over to prep us for the open house by giving us pointers on how we could de-clutter our home. I never fully realized how much stuff we have for Zoe until I did that walk through with our realtor. It seemed as though she wanted me to pack up my entire life into a box, immediately. As we walked through each room, she pointed out everything baby-related and suggested that it be put away. I was overwhelmed.

Throughout the following week, we de-cluttered and packed away Zoe’s toys, clothes, and every personal photo from the house. Looking back, I am glad that I did have to go through that exercise. It forced me to pack up all of the toys and clothes that Zoe is now too big for. Also, it enabled me to organize the toys and clothes that she is still too small for, too.

The morning of the open house, we realized how much “stuff” we forgot. We had to frantically find some place to store the bottle warmer, formula, basket of burp clothes, basket of toys, high chair, bottle drying rack, play mat, and jumparoo. Then, once we stuffed all of that into my car, we had to pack what we needed for the day. We had to prepare three bottles, snacks, toys, and the stroller. I was exhausted.

After we got through the open house and were putting everything back, my husband and I shuttered at the fact that we would have to go through that process every single time there was a house showing. I wasn’t upset about having to put my personal artifacts away, or even with hiding the photographs. A part of me was sad that I had to hide Zoe’s things. I wondered if she would miss them or notice that they were gone. Part of me doesn’t even understand why we had to remove them since anyone who went to the open house would walk into the nursery and immediately know we have a baby…there’s no hiding it.

Baby playing in a moving boxAn even bigger part of me was (and still is) wondering if there’s an easier way to do this “home show shuffle” on the fly. Are there any shortcuts for getting your home ready to show – with short notice – when you have a house full of baby stuff? How do you keep living day-to-day life, where you need all these items, but be able to pack it away at a moment’s notice? If anyone has tips on showing and selling your house with a baby, I’m definitely open to suggestions.


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