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Mom Stories: At Home with Sick Kids

Mom Stories: At Home with Sick Kids

I was going to write something insightful about the travesty that no one at MSNBC was fired over the mocking of Mitt Romney’s African American grandchild. And I was going to write about the new Tiger Mom book. And I was going to write about surviving snow days and getting back into the routine of school and work and all the rest. But then, after two weeks of vacation, and one hour back at child care, I got a call that my son had thrown up… twice. Well, you know how it sometimes seems like your child is sick at school and then miraculously has tons of energy and no fever as soon as they get home? This wasn’t one of those times. So today I just have one little thought for you:

You know you’re a mom when you’ve gotten into bed and then you realize that the yoga pants you’re still wearing (sexy, huh?) had been thrown up on a little bit earlier in the day. And you never did change out of them. And you sure as heck aren’t getting out of your nice warm bed to do it now. But maybe you’ll do it at 3:00 a.m. When you’re most likely going to be thrown up on again. And then again, maybe not (change the pants that is…you are definitely getting thrown up on…again).

Stay healthy and have a Happy New Year.


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