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Our Simple April Vacation Getaway

Our Simple April Vacation Getaway

This past April vacation I decided, on a whim, to bring my daughter to Ogunquit, Maine for a three-day girls getaway. As usual, my lack of vacation/holiday planning had us potentially looking at a whole week off of school with absolutely nothing on the schedule – and in a last minute scramble I ended up with Ogunquit. I felt badly that I wasn’t like the “other” moms, and hadn’t meticulously planned a magical vacation months in advance. I assumed that our trip would feel pretty ordinary and that I might end up with a totally under-stimulated kindergartner, but in actuality, our three days were magical in their own way.

Little girl playing at the beachAfter packing up the car and waving bye to Dad, we cruised down the highway singing “Happy” at the top of lungs and guilelessly shared a box of Dunkin’ Donuts munchkins.

On our way to the hotel, we stopped at the beach, and before I knew it Livi’s shoes were off and sweater tossed to the side. Without looking back she chased the low tide to the edge of the ocean waves and giggled at the cold, salty water.

Once checked in, we found our room. It was simple, but Livi felt like royalty. An entire queen-sized bed to herself and an ocean view even when snuggled under the covers.

For dinner we ate a feast of cold cuts and Cheez-Its on our makeshift picnic blanket in our room. For dessert we journeyed to find the best ice cream in town and ended up at the only place open in the off-season – Dairy Queen. Absolute, sugary, magic.

In the morning, she didn’t wait a second to decide she wanted to get out in the sea air and follow the oceanside path called the Marginal Way. As we made our way, she discovered the hotel swing set. It wasn’t fancy – but she had it all to herself – and she was in heaven.

Little girl playing on rocks at the beachOn the Maine rocks, with waves crashing, we discovered tide pools and treasures and tiny castles of balancing rocks which others had left behind.

Livi adopted two Periwinkle snails. We discussed at length how we would make a home for them in a plastic cup, filled with rocks and sea water. We rolled in laughter as the snails tried to make a slow escape.

We visited the beach again, this time with leftover munchkins for the seagulls. We laughed despite the cold, cloudy air and built sand castles and practiced handstands. Livi squealed in delight as I spun her around, and we collapsed to the sand with dizzy contentment.

When it started to rain, we took our umbrellas and walked to the town center to find lunch. Livi balanced on small stone walls and let the rain curl her hair. We ate at the first place that was open and were overjoyed to fill our bellies with nachos and macaroni and cheese.

At night we popped in “Frozen” and took the time to actually watch all of the special features at the end of the DVD, which included several versions of “Let it Go” in different languages. SO FUN.

On our last morning, as we said goodbye to our beach, Livi begged to stay another day. I promised we would be back – soon. I promised myself that I would never feel bad about planning a “simple” vacation again.

My lesson learned: Sometimes the simplest things, are the most memorable the most magical and the most special. TIME spent with our children is the most wonderful gift we can ever give them.

Mother and daughter at the beach


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  1. Heather May 5, 2014 at 12:39 pm

    It may have been simple, but I think it sounds perfect and you should make it a yearly tradition. And, the picture of the two of you should be one you hang on the wall. Love it!

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