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Simple Ways to Turn Off A Racing Mind to Get Some Rest?

Simple Ways to Turn Off A Racing Mind to Get Some Rest?

I enjoyed reading this week’s #BH5MinFix that was all about simple ways to help kids get to sleep fast but I’ll be honest, what I could really use are easy tips on how my husband and I can wind down at the end of the day.

How to Stop Thinking When You're Trying to Sleep

Our sleep habits are as opposite as they get; he likes to be in bed by the 11 o’clock news, whereas I turn in past midnight, watch a little HGTV, and, I confess, play Candy Crush. I run around all day and find I’m juggling so many things that come night time, I just like to decompress. It’s the only quiet time I really get to do it.

Once we’re in bed, though, we do a few things to set the scene for good sleep; we both have our pillows that we like and we sleep with a fan on for white noise, and yet, sometimes we’re both up tossing and turning, thinking about all that we have on our plates.

For me, a few things have been keeping me up lately, like:

Work and this short opportunity we have to be parents. I wonder what are our priorities and how do we, as working parents, achieve what we want to accomplish professionally while still savoring the moments of parenthood?

The stress of summer camp. Some programs are full already so it’s a bit of a decision process on how to piece together care for the entire summer.

Our kids’ school vacation. While summer is still five months away, February vacation isn’t. I’m losing sleep wondering the best way to juggle work, my sanity and making vacation week fun for the kids.

All the things I have to do. I lay in bed making lists in my head or texting myself reminders of what needs to get done. Sometimes I just get out of bed and do them.

Solving the late night battle of getting to sleep fast would be incredible. I know my husband would be forever grateful if he could go to sleep every night as soon as he closes his eyes.

Do you have some simple and safe strategies that work well for you? If so, we’re all ears!


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  1. Bethany Whitemyer February 8, 2016 at 7:45 pm

    It sounds crazy, but think of your favorite book or movie, or maybe your child’s favorite movie, and try to replay it in your head scene by scene, really savouring your favorite parts. while you’re trying to figure out the order of songs or scenes your mind will eventually relax. This works for me all the time!

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