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Single Ladies: 8-year-olds Dancing into a Firestorm

Five brilliantly talented 8-year-old dancers have been all over the news, but it’s not for their tremendous skill, and it’s not for anything they did. It’s for the ridiculously poor judgment of their dancer teacher, choreographer and whomever else decided it was a good idea for them to participate in a dance competition with sexually charged moves, provocative costumes and to a truly adult song.

Now, let’s not forget about their parents who, on Good Morning America, told viewers they saw no problem with the racy routine which they called “completely normal” for the World of Dance event. Perhaps these parents need a wake up call to understand then that it isn’t normal to want your 8 — did I mention 8? — year-old daughter to participate in an event where it is “normal” for kids that age to perform on stage in hot pants, thigh-high-boots, and mini-bras while thrusting and grinding for the audience.

Now maybe I’m a prude, because I am the mom who thinks the only two-piece swimsuit a little girl should wear is a full coverage tankini, and maybe if I had a daughter who was as extraordinarily talented as these girls clearly are, it would be harder to resist the pressure of some half-witted competition adviser telling me this is what they have to do to win. But come on parents, isn’t it your job to help define what’s normal and “ok” for your kids and not just go along to get along when it comes to your little girls?

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