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Sneakers in the Office…again

I’ve worn sneakers in the office before. When I was pregnant the first time, for instance, the comfort of my feet was a major issue. I bought a pair of snazzy green Pumas because I just couldn’t bring myself to wear grown up shoes for the duration. During my second pregnancy I had a major back pain problem, and on orders of my physical therapist, I wore sneakers almost every day for the rest of my pregnancy. But today, the excuse is much more lame. As I mentioned earlier this week, my husband just had surgery. He is out of commission on terms of helping for the morning routine. My son is teething. We’re all overtired. So this morning I let my son sleep on my chest after having his 6:30 am bottle. I knew I had no morning meetings, and I decided we’d all just have a late start. That is until, at 8:50am when I realized my daughter had a 9:30 dentist appointment. I’ve never flown into action so fast. Got myself, the baby, and even more miraculously the preschooler, dressed, medicated (not the optional variety), combed, fed (sort of) and ready to go with zero time to spare. Then I couldn’t find my own shoes. Not one acceptable pair. After two sweeps of t he house and a now guaranteed late arrival to the dentist, I threw on my sneakers and off we went. We made it to the dentist and then to the child care center and work slightly late and not very well appointed in the shoe department. But I guess there’s worse. I know Modern Mom once arrived in the office with two different boots on. Ever had a shoe — or other mom-inspired clothing — fiasco yourself?

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