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Our Social Team’s Favorite Viral Videos of 2015

Our Social Team’s Favorite Viral Videos of 2015

As is only natural when you’re in social media, we, the social team at Bright Horizons, see a lot of videos as we scroll through our social accounts each day. (Not to mention, this has been the year of videos on social, hasn’t it?)

We can’t contain ourselves when we see a video of a child who simply (and often adorably) is just being themselves. We also treasure those videos that capture a “first” in life or a life-changing experience on film. As we watched many, many videos this year (I mean really, it was tough to miss them!), we laughed, we cheered, and sometimes, we even needed to pull out the tissues. Before our feeds start to fill with a whole new batch of videos in 2016, we thought we’d take a minute to share the videos that cracked us up and pulled on our heart strings in 2015 (and before you even ask, yes, we watched each of these again as we put this list together):

Which viral videos were your favorites from this year?

When Adele Says “Hello!” Cutest Thing Ever

Hello -Viral Videos
The Saddest Bookworm

Viral Videos

Audrey at the International Zumba Convention in Orlando!!

Audrey at National Zumba Convention

What It Looks Like When People Hear for the First Time

What It Looks Like When People Hear for the First Time

5-Year-Old British Boy Can’t Contain His Excitement About Becoming a Big Brother

Big Brother

Baby Adorably Flexes Muscles With Dad

Baby Dad Flexing

Baby Boy Laughs Hysterically at Book of Animals

Baby Loves Animal Noises Book

Madeline+Train=Sheer Delight

Madeline Train

It’s Hard to Stay Miffed When You’re Wearing Squeaker Shoes

Squeaker Shoes

Baby’s Amazing Reaction to Garage Door Opener

Baby's Adorable Reaction To Garage Door

Wishing you a fun, relaxing last day of 2015 and a happy, healthy 2016!

The Bright Horizons Social Team


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