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#SocialParenting: 20 Christmas Eve Traditions for Families

#SocialParenting: 20 Christmas Eve Traditions for Families

My family doesn’t have any annual Christmas Eve traditions…I’d love to start some! Anyone have any good ideas? What does your family do? – ToyaC333, Bright Horizons Online Community

For those who celebrate, what traditions does your family have on Christmas Eve? Are there any activities you look forward to year after year? We’ve collected a list of 20 things you can do as a family on Christmas Eve to make the night fun, cozy and memorable.

Siblings on Christmas

20 Christmas Eve Activities & Traditions for Families

  1. Wear new holiday pajamas – PJs could be an early gift from Santa, his elves…or even the reindeer!
  2. Read a holiday children’s book – Media Mom recently recommended holiday books for kids and Kate shared the Christmas books she’s reading to her son this year.
  3. Prepare a special dinner – let the kids help with the cooking.
  4. Enjoy hot chocolate (don’t forget the marshmallows!).
  5. Bake Christmas cookies for Santa – we suggest Gingerbread Kids.
  6. Remember the reindeer! Bake a special treat for Santa’s important pals.
  7. Watch a holiday movie as a family.
  8. Have a board game night – a new board game for the family could serve as an early Christmas present!
  9. Participate in a family volunteer opportunity or find small ways for your kids to give back.
  10. Decorate a gingerbread house.
  11. Write a letter to Santa and leave it by the fireplace (maybe he’ll write a letter back!).
  12. Purchase a new, special holiday ornament to be placed on the tree on Christmas Eve.
  13. Go caroling at neighbors’ or family members’ homes.
  14. Track Santa’s progress around the world online.
  15. Make some holiday crafts or last-minute DIY holiday gifts.
  16. Go for a drive and find the best Christmas lights.
  17. Look through all the holiday cards you received – talk about the people they’re from and the memories you made with them this year. You can even recycle the cards by making holiday crafts.
  18. Allow for a sibling slumber party – let the kids stay together for Christmas night.
  19. Write a family “I’m Thankful For” list and discuss the wonderful things that happened this year.
  20. Take a family photo – you’ll cherish having a collection of Christmas Eve photos from each year.


What special things does your family do on Christmas Eve? Share your Christmas Eve traditions in the comments area below or with the Bright Horizons Online Community.


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