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#SocialParenting: Cardboard STEM Activity for Kids

#SocialParenting: Cardboard STEM Activity for Kids

Over the past few weeks, children at Bright Horizons preschools and child care centers across the country have been participating in the Bright Horizons Cardboard Challenge! This project-based challenge inspires children to use, explore, and engage with materials in new ways – truly thinking “outside the box.”

Many of these creative learning activities have recently been spotlighted on the Bright Horizons Facebook page as part of our Classroom of the Week and What in the World Happened Today? curriculum features. See a few examples of these clever classroom STEM projects below and check back regularly on Facebook to see what other creations our students come up with!

Bright Horizons Cardboard Challenge

The preschool students at Bright Horizons at Nashua (Nashua, NH) have been busy using their imaginations to play and create different things using cardboard and other recyclable materials. The children used straw, tape and cardboard to create their own marble races and mazes. They also created a train and a castle in their dramatic play area.

Classroom STEM Activity with cardboardAll three preschool classrooms at Long Ridge Road Child Development Center (Stamford, CT) participated in the national Cardboard Challenge! The students decided they each wanted to create a classroom robot. They worked together to decorate the boxes and map out how they would need to assemble them in order for their new class friend to come to life! They added many fun details and gave each robot a special name to complete their box project.

Classroom STEM Activity with cardboardThe children at Bright Horizons at Boynton Beach (FL) experienced first-hand how ideas can come to life by participating in the cardboard STEM activity. Teachers collected boxes and the younger students painted, decorated and prepared them for the older students. The school-aged children created games out of the cardboard boxes, which will be put to use during their Curriculum Showcase event next month. As a homework assignment, children were instructed to work with their families to create anything they could imagine using cardboard and recycled materials, which will also be on display during the event.

Classroom STEM Activity with cardboard

Bright Horizons Curriculum Showcase Events

Join us and see these and other Bright Horizons cardboard creations come to life at our Curriculum Showcase events! Showcase events, being held at centers across the country, will highlight STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) learning. All are welcome! Locate an event in your area by visiting:


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