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#SocialParenting: Caring for Aging Relatives

#SocialParenting: Caring for Aging Relatives

I’m looking for blogs and/or information from others who are adult children caregivers of one or more of their parents. Anyone out there? – atof3kids, Bright Horizons Online Community Member

Are you a member of the ever-growing Sandwich Generation? The Sandwich Generation refers to those who are in the position of caring for both their own young children as well as aging relatives simultaneously – a challenging caregiver role, to say the least.

Writers on the Family Room blog team who are also members of the Sandwich Generation are regularly sharing their thoughts, tips and advice on the subject of dual caregiving. Below are just a few of the discussions taking place on the blog and across the Bright Horizons community.

Do you have a question about caring for aging relatives? Leave a comment below for our bloggers.

Elderly Relatives

Sandwich Generation Blog Conversations

Providing Care to Aging Parents – Tips & Strategies:  A member of the Sandwich Generation herself, Sarah shares actionable steps you can take ahead of time and during the process of caring for aging relatives.

Raising Children & Caring for Aging Parents: Meet Lisa, mom of a Kindergartner and daughter/caregiver to her aging parents. She shares the challenges and joys of being a dual caregiver.

Becoming a First-Time Mom in Your 40s: Elizabeth discusses her experience of becoming a mother in her 40s – balancing the challenges of new motherhood with other life responsibilities, like caring for her own mother.

Supporting Aging Parents through the Moving Process: Lisa shares strategies she learned while assisting her aging parents in the challenging process of selling a home, buying a home and moving.

The Sandwich Generation – Why We Need Yoga: With all the stress that comes from being a member of the Sandwich Generation, Lisa shares her one of saving graces – yoga! Read why she thinks others in a similar position need an outlet like yoga.

Family Matters Webinar: Medicare 101

Bright Horizons hosted a free webinar – Medicare 101:What Caregivers Need to Know – featuring AARP Health & Family experts who advised on issues related to caring for aging relatives. In this webinar, we addressed methods for evaluating Medicare options, frequently asked questions about Medicare enrollment, and provide tips for caregivers of aging parents.

Watch the Recording: Medicare 101: What Caregivers Need to Know

Caring for Elderly Relatives

Guest Speakers from AARP: Nicole Duritz, Vice President, Health Education & Outreach and Lisa Yagoda, Health & Family Advisor

Hosted by: Clifton Hon, Family Matters Moderator


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