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#SocialParenting: Creative Classroom Art Projects for Kids

#SocialParenting: Creative Classroom Art Projects for Kids

Through the ArtSmart curriculum, Bright Horizons teachers help children develop an interest and appreciation of art, music, theater, and dance, encouraging them to uncover their talents and express themselves artistically. As a result, we have so many budding artists in our classrooms! We wanted to share just a few of the many amazing art projects for kids that Bright Horizons classrooms have been working on recently.

Kindergarten Prep Collaborative Flower Art

The Kindergarten Prep students at Long Ridge Road Child Development Center (Stamford, CT) have been working on a long-term collaborative art project using inspiration from Georgia O’Keeffe and Andy Warhol paintings and prints. Once each child has made their own flower-inspired piece of art, the classroom will combine all of their flowers to make a beautiful mural. Through this project, the children are being exposed to different mixed media art tools and techniques. Watch as their teacher explains how the children are learning through the creative process – and why process is so much more important than the final product!

Developmentally-Appropriate Art Projects for All Ages

All ages at Bright Horizons at Collegeville (Phoenixville, PA) have been focused on art this month. The preschool students have been getting crafty with the theme “Nature Becomes Beauty.” As part of the ArtSmart curriculum component, they took some clay, painted it green and molded it into various sized cacti. Using pasta noodles, they created spikes on the cacti. They used this cacti to create a landscape scene of the desert. To create more beautiful scenes, the children used various vegetables to paint with. The infants have been painting, as well! Using a ball and some paint, they explored with rolling, slamming, tapping and pounding the paint on a table. The toddlers have been focusing on a “Tye-Dye” theme. They squirted paint inside a vase, shook it up and baked it to display with fresh flowers. They also chose different colored sand and filled containers to create beautiful sand art. Looks like we might have the next Picasso at Bright Horizons at Collegeville!

Bright Horizons at Collegeville Art Project

Kindergarten Prep Art History Project

The Kindergarten Prep classroom at Bright Horizons at Hillsborough (Hillsborough, NJ) explored art books and discussed different painting techniques. One of their lessons focused on the work of the famous painter Georges Seurat. They learned that Seurat was the founder of “Pointillism,” a style of painting in which a picture is formed from small dots of color. The children experimented with Pointillism by using cotton swabs to create their art work. One student painted a “sunny day with lots of colors!”. When their masterpieces were finished, the students made observations about the artwork and illustrations.

Bright Horizons at Hillsborough Art Project

Editor’s Note: Bright Horizons at Hillsborough, Bright Horizons at Collegeville and several other New Jersey and Pennsylvania area Bright Horizons child care centers will be hosting art festivals on Wednesday, July 30th! See more details and a list of participating centers – we look forward to sharing our little artists’ work with you!


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