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#SocialParenting: Guiding Children’s Growth Through Reading

#SocialParenting: Guiding Children’s Growth Through Reading

Parents are their children’s very first teachers. You help babies learn that the world is a secure and predictable place. You guide toddlers as they learn to share. You encourage preschoolers to become problem solvers. One way to awaken children’s interests in all of those topics and more? Through books!

This month’s issue of the Growing Readers Review is all about parents as teachers and guiding children’s growth through reading. Help coach your child to have a lifelong love of reading with the help of suggested books from the Bright Horizons Books of Excellence and Notable Books lists. See all recommended books here.


Parenting Conversations about Great Children’s Books

Toddler reading a bookFellow parents and educators are discussing suggested books for all different age groups in the Bright Horizons Online Community. Join the conversation and add your own children’s books recommendations.

Books for Infants & Books to Start an Infant’s Library

Books for Pre-K Boys

Books for Kindergartners

Book Recommendations for 1st Graders

Books for Soon-to-Be Big Sisters

Book Recommendations from the Family Room Bloggers

Members of the Family Room blog team love to share their favorite books for kids. Find some of their recent recommendations below.

Favorite children's books for babiesRecommended books for toddlers

Favorite books for preschoolers

Favorite books for Kindergartners


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