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#SocialParenting: Parenting Tips: How to Get Ready in the Morning with a Baby

#SocialParenting: Parenting Tips: How to Get Ready in the Morning with a Baby

Even the most organized person can be challenged when it comes to facing the busy morning routine – especially getting out of the house on time – when a baby is involved. Can you relate? This week’s edition of e-family news offers ideas to improve the morning routine for parents with babies, including finding ways to build time into your morning schedule to bond with your baby, keeping “emergency” supplies in the car at all times, and packing your bags the night before.

In addition to the practical suggestions in the article, we asked a panel of Bright Horizons parents – including Family Room bloggers Media Mom, Jessie and Mary – to share their go-to strategies for managing the morning routine with a baby. Learn which methods work best for them in the following video, which is featured on the Bright Horizons YouTube channel.

Tips for Parenting: The Morning Routine with a Baby

How about you? Share your parenting advice! Are there strategies that work for your family to ensure your morning routine goes smoothly?

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